Question by .:I’m having a Sleep:.: Feng Shui tips for a small bedroom?
Hi there!

I just want clear steps :D
So can you guys help me?
I have a small 12x10ft room to arrange :D
I think I should keep the bed as is, because I can see everything from there.
I need spaces to put a desk, bookshelf, and lizard cage.
I use a shoji screen (asian divider) as a head board….is that okay?
and if I need another one, I have two btw :D
my parents have tons of incense.
I have space for drawers in my closet.
most of the furniture I already have is reeeally tall, wasn’t that good for something?
I have a mirror, that I use everyday, and I don’t to cover it up, lol.
and I suppose a things like t.v. and a laptop shouldn’t be there right? What If I consider the laptop as a form of relaxation? lol
and all og the clocks in my room are analog. :D

here’s layout of my room

ROOM Feng Shui tips for a small bedroom?

(and if the link doesn’t work just tell me and I’ll fix it :D

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Answer by Realist
The closet really affects the flow. The room is too small for the bed not to be pushed into the corner. Forget the head board, it kills visible wall space and will make the room look cramped. Less is more. Clocks are depressing, if You want to know the time, look at Your mobile telephone. Get some floating shelves, they are the shelves with no visible brackets.

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