question I will eat YOUR HEAD : Is there a way to learn telekinesis quickly without meditation and stuff
Do not worry if you do not answer or reply to say how stupid telekinesis SUCKS. I jknow, as I will not only learn all the time, like a rock, to spend move without touching it. Is there any way they can learn telekinesis now?? Also not bothered to respond, if you want to be an a – hole and talk about something else when you pla├«tMeilleure Answer:

of Universal Mind
Not really, it must be learned. And if you try not to think about breathing exercises for 30 sec before the merger. You must begin to imagine the moving object over and over again until your subconscious finally received. Unlike the astral plane, the material is more condensed in the physical plane and takes more energy to think or concentration. Thought control is emotion, emotion, energy in motion when you move the energy (kinetic energy), produced the effect. The more relaxed and have more energy and concentration. It takes an average of six months, passed around a piece of paper. Keep trying and trying and eventually you will see the results, their really is no direct way by chance, in general

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