question WTF : Need a good Feng Shui to gather decorating advice for house .? . Thanks in advance Best Answer: Reply from

dogenzenji First, I think , I must ask, what is Feng Shui? There is so little known fact that Feng Shui is considered to be the authentic thing. Most people describe it as a feeling, vibe, that the use of colors, textures, furniture, etc. – it is not fengshui.même that most western writers write about Fengshui compensation space or disorder or a Ba Gua, the things to § love, career, etc. set – this is not the fengshui.prochaine what really Feng Shui? Fengshui is a compilation of several concepts that uses the five elements (not faith, not philosophy, so that you do not… Need to gather good Feng Shui tips for home decorating.?